Things I Learned From Going on Exchange

To all the thrill seekers out there – my name is Isabel. A millennial just like you whose goals are to travel the world, be successful in my career, save up money to secure my future but also loves a smashed avo and feta on toast as much as the next hipster.

I grew up in the Hills in a life that was very comfortable. I travelled A LOT and I’ve always been quite an independent person. I love spending time with people just as much as I love being alone.

My parents are very traditional and letting your child move out or ‘flee from the nest’ was a concept they refused to adopt. So I did what every other university student who is dying to see the world would do – I went on exchange.

I found myself living in Cardiff, Wales for 7 months where there were more castles per square mile than any other county in the rest of the world.

I went from constantly surrounding myself with the people I know and love, to not knowing a single soul in the entire country.

I had to cook, clean and familiarise myself with a country I never even had any particular interest in. It became my second home and I met people over there that I will never forget.

Travelling from place to place is incredible and I will never stop exploring what the world has to offer. However, having to live in another country and make it your own is another thing.

It’s terrifying, rewarding and you manage to survive through obstacles you would’ve never encountered otherwise.

You’ll discover traits and levels of resilience you never thought you had and at the same time come face to face with flaws you didn’t know existed.

I returned to Australia poor but full of life and a passion to never let myself feel too comfortable.

SO… I challenge you to push yourself. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and experience new and exciting things.

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