In Pursuit Of What You Love

You know those times when you are so sure that what you want is ultimately what’s best for you? When your heart’s desires switch on everything within you to get the prize?

If this sounds like you I think it’s safe to say you are an ambitious type – loads of drive and ready to take on the world. Fantastic – all the power to you!

SO… what happens when what you thought you wanted all along unexpectedly takes a turn in another direction?

Franchesca, who has recently completed her studies at the University of New South Wales and the University of Melbourne, knows exactly what I’m talking about here.

From dreaming of becoming a diplomat in high school to entering the world of media after university (she’s been a media intern for the United Nations and SBS’s Dateline to date), Franchesca definitely knows that what we love at one stage in our life can in fact change or evolve over time… And it’s not all that bad actually 😉

So, without further ado, here’s Franchesca in her own words about life after high school.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Who are you? What do you do and enjoy? 

Hello SO readers! I’m Franchesca and I work in Broadcast Media. I’m passionate about what’s happening in the world, Sherlock Holmes and Korean Dramas.

How did you feel and what did you do when you finished high school and the HSC?

Looking back to this time some important lessons come to mind! The most important one is to be happy and proud of your result no matter what it may be because you did your very best. Thinking of what I could do from then on was a scary but exciting feeling! Study was always the next step for me and so I studied a Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies and Languages at the University of New South Wales the following year.

When you think about the idea of reality vs expectations do you think your high school self would have expected you to achieve what you have so far, and be doing what you’re doing now? 

I’m actually really surprised as to how much my plans in high school have changed and it is totally different to what I had imagined back then to where I am now. In high school, I was set on becoming a diplomat and so in my first year of uni I chose subjects that were in line with that career.

What I didn’t expect was that choosing to major in Asian Studies was a pathway to a number of careers. During this time I realised that writing was one of my strengths. Combining that with my passion for learning about the world, it was not until I was completing my Honours degree that I asked myself, “What about a career in the media?”

I surprised myself by taking that jump to study a Masters in Global Media Communication at the University of Melbourne where I found a career that I wouldn’t have imagined myself to be doing now. So, I suppose in hindsight I’ve experienced first-hand that what you may expect yourself to do may change over time. And that’s a wonderful reality!

As you are opening your eyes to learning new things and taking on new experiences not only are you are learning about your weaknesses, but more importantly, you are learning more about your strengths. It’s actually a very good thing to never measure yourself against your expectations but rather accepting yourself for who you are and where your strengths lie. In fact, thinking realistically may bring about a challenge or two, but it’s precisely when you are challenged that you learn to build confidence in yourself and will help keep you on balance.

Now that school’s out across the country what’s one piece of advice you would give to school leavers about to embark upon a new stage/adventure in their life?

Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself in the pursuit of what you love! Life after the HSC can be thought of like an artist about to create a unique work of art: the artist sets the artwork in motion with an idea, but along the way the artist may learn how to use different colours, strokes, brushes, perspectives, designs and so forth. When the artwork is completed it may be very different to what the artist first imagined it to look like, but with all the different techniques the artist has learned what a masterpiece it will turn out to be!

SO… all metaphors aside, dare to dream and set it in motion! Be open to learning new things, build up your strengths and weaknesses and embark on the next adventure of your life without fear!

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