SO’s Top 5 Posts for 2016

Thank you and wishing you a fantastic year ahead. Bring on 2017!

I want to thank all our contributors who have shared their stories and passions with us this year. Whether you are aware of this reality or not, you and your stories have genuinely inspired hundreds of people in Australia and even abroad.

I know for many of our contributors the idea that people would be interested in their stories was somewhat unbelievable, and yet this is the very reason why SO exists – we believe that every person has something they can give to others. We want to remind people to Dream Big, Challenge Yourself and Inspire Others. Stories and ideas are meant to be shared – they help shape the very world and people around us.

I also want to thank our many readers who have followed us this year – thank you so much for all your support, encouragement and for spreading the word about SO! You will most definitely be seeing more from us next year.

With 2017 just around the corner it seems only fitting that we put the spotlight on our top 5 most read articles in 2016. Here they are:

5. Beauty in Ballet: Meet Amy Russell

Though fear and doubt had crept into Amy’s mind about her abilities as a dancer, her love for ballet was strong enough to encourage her to persevere to be the best kind of dancer she wanted to be. The world of performance may be highly competitive but Amy encourages us to be brave amidst challenges because it’s definitely worth it.  She dreamt big, challenged herself and finally achieved one of her dreams to dance in pointe shoes, even though she took it up at the (old) age of 19!

4. Do We Speak of Freedom for What it Really is?

Written by one of SO’s very own editors, this article about Freedom came about following a casual conversation she had with some university friends. Yes, the university grounds are probably one of the most  – if not the most – conducive spots for deep thought and discussion. So what is real freedom? Is it more than a feeling? Can freedom and responsibility peacefully coexist?… Read Paula’s article to see her take on freedom and get into the debate yourself if you want by sharing your thoughts in the comments section.

3. Uni Life As Told by Franchesca

Many of us remember what it was like to be a ‘First-Year’ at university. The endless tales relating to that particular time in one’s student life continues to provide rich material for people to mull over… or even fear in some cases (especially for those HSC students anxiously awaiting what may be in store for them after high school!). But never fear, Franchesca is here with some handy tips and insights for those who are about to embark on their very own ‘First-Year’ uni experience.

2. Women’s Softball: Meet Samantha Poole 

Samantha’s softball journey, which even brought her overseas to represent Australia at the Japan Cup, shows us just how powerful the support of family and friends can be in helping one achieve success in life. In turn, Samantha has been able to give the spirit of encouragement and support to people in her own workplace. As a physiotherapist in Neurological Rehabilitation, Samantha has helped patients who’ve endured brain injuries on their own road to recovery. Passing on good vibes to others has incredible force and Samantha’s story is proof of the positive impact a sporting spirit can have on and off the field.

1. ‘The Smile That It Brings’

And now we arrive at our number 1 post for 2016! Thank you Anne for sharing with us your passion for volunteering. Small acts of kindness, though many times hidden, never go by without leaving an impact in some way. HUB (Hands Up Brisbane) is just one example of how young people are actively making a difference in the community. In this article, Anne reminds us that in our very own cities there are many people who could do with our helping hand. While we can talk and have so many ideas about solving the big problems in our world, let us not forget to take action and make the first move.

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