Who? Me!

By Kristina – co-founder of SO Magazine Australia 

Yes, you! … Over the last few years I’ve often mused about why people thought they were so utterly boring. Many simply believe that they – who they are, what they do and what they love – is really not worth sharing or talking about with people beyond their circle of friends and acquaintances.

I guess I used to feel the same way; what’s the point in talking to other people about my life? There are other people out there who are far more interesting. Simple. Just don’t bother with it all. It’s boring.

It took me a while to realise that too many people were thinking these same things about themselves.

From that point on I pretty much decided that this vicious cycle of the ‘I’m not worthy’ mentality had to just stop right there.

That’s basically the reason behind SO Magazine Australia.

This is the point of SO: to end the spiralling negativity of the ‘I’m not worthy’ mentality that is prevalent among so many people, particularly among girls and young women.

How does SO propose to do this? By encouraging people to be daring and share something about themselves with others.

That’s our motto: Speak Out. Challenge Yourself. Inspire Others. 

More collaborators have come along the way too, which initially took me by surprise!

These seemingly ordinary people – with their unique personalities, passions, ingenuity (and proactivity) – have been the driving force propelling SO forward.

And you know what? People are actually interested in the stories they’ve shared.

SO has reached over 84 countries spanning every continent (except Antarctica… it will happen one day!), meaning that people all over the world have taken an interest in the stories and ramblings of the ‘average’ person.

SO has been able to feature high-profile people as well, including TV presenters, Hollywood consultants, Australian sportswomen… but then again they’re really just your everyday kind of people too.

It’s been quite an adventure so far.

SO… why not join us and share your story with us as well?

People around the world are genuinely interested!



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