The Wonderful (and Weird) at Vogue’s Fashion Night Out

Vogue’s Fashion Night Out was definitely a sumptuous spectacle for anyone passing through Sydney’s fashion retail heart Pitt St Mall.

Always one for taking delight in the sights and sounds around me, I was more than willing to soak in the beautiful things set before me.

SO… Ready. Set. Go.

Welcome to Vogue’s Fashion Night Out.

I must say the evening felt a bit like an Alice in Wonderland experience. After pulling open the heavy gold-rimmed glass doors of David Jones I felt like I had fallen into a completely different world filled with the weird and the wonderful.

First let’s start with the wonderful at Vogue’s FNO:

There were undoubtedly many beautiful things at Vogue’s Fashion Night Out. Besides some fabulous designs on display (and discount!) that night, the flowers that were everywhere in David Jones were a real show-stopper. People couldn’t help but admire them.

If you were able peel your eyes away from the flowers and then look up to the ceiling, you’d immediately spot the geometric gold and glass lanterns that appeared as though they were floating right above you. Very cool. Very elegant.

And to top off all the lovely sights were the equally lovely samples of perfume, cosmetics, bubbly, fairy floss, cider, popcorn and Doughnut Time desserts that were on offer for all (if you were quick enough) to enjoy.

If you were wanting a bit of pampering, staff were there at your service to give makeovers, workshops and skincare tips and free samples to bag. There wasn’t a single cosmetics stall that was empty or unattended.

And now the weird at Vogue’s FNO:

OK – while I thoroughly enjoyed the mixes of the DJs at DJs (Disc Jockeys at David Jones), it was somewhat startling to see them at random places throughout the department store. It was a shame they weren’t given more prominent space and visibility that evening. Instead one DJ was placed next to the central escalator where crowds of people rushed by furiously to go up or down from one floor to the next.

Not too far away was a stand dedicated to what I’d like to call glorified baby food blended by a $1,195.00 kitchen appliance called Vitamix. The avacado, baby spinach, kale and honey mix was definitely interesting but not enough to convince me to  want to go out of pocket by a grand.

My Verdict:

All senses thoroughly delighted – sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. Fun designs on display for the night. Some great discounts (up to 40%) for brand buyers but some other fashion or homeware items still at RRP.

Recommendations for next Vogue FNO? Be prepared. Think ahead about what you want to do or buy to get the most of the evening. By signing up beforehand to your fave stores, you could get fabulous discounts on your fave brands and accessories. 🙂




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