An Unspoken Code: Lessons on Leadership

Have you ever thought about what it takes to be a leader? What qualities should one possess? Is someone born a leader or does one have to grow into this position by example?

Well this unspoken code was highlighted after reading one of my favourite Aussie Test cricketer’s books a couple of years ago, Steve Waugh’s The Meaning of Luck, Stories of Learning, Leadership and Luck.

Waugh’s book is an absolute gem and one I so fondly adore as he delves into lessons on leadership, love and luck alongside his illustrious cricketing career, post retirement and his family life.

You may not think it but a simple sport like cricket ultimately teaches a team, players and fans a lot about themselves as a person. An individual is able to grow through the game as you deal with various decisions, situations and experiences that will impact one’s career and can shape and influence the direction that someone will take.

One of my favourite chapters that struck a chord with me was Waugh’s insights into a very notable position – a Test cricket captain.

SO… being a leader has earned a few lessons along the way. Here are some of Waugh’s insights:

  • Leaders are able to empower others – Each player must be responsible for their actions and are made accountable. When you think of the success of a team, it may not come down to a winning side, rather a collaborative responsibility to take ownership of actions and decisions made by each player.
  • Leaders treat everyone equally – By recognising everyone’s differences, a captain is able to respect and value various personality differences and trust in the team’s uniqueness as individuals to help strive towards common goals and vision.
  • Leaders are able to set an example – You need to earn trust and respect, rather than expect it will be gained straight away. Captaincy is about valuing others, taking on the positives, aiming to see the good in your players and ultimately being a mentor. A leader can often be called upon to be an adviser, mediator and a mate.

SO… whether you are batting, bowling or captain of a team, we can all learn from lessons on leadership to help us daily at school, home or work.

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