Cracking The Creative Stylist Rut

By Ria Eviee – A quirky dreaming avant-garde stylist who wants to inspire others through music, art and food.

Do you ever stare blankly at your wardrobe every morning, looking vaguely at your overflowing wardrobe, and think to yourself I have nothing to wear or just simply feel like your clothes are a bit dull?

I can proudly say that was me every morning. I used to look at my overfilled wardrobe, with arduous amounts of clothes pouring out like a an never-ending stream of material, and think dang, I have nothing to wear to work! 

I call this a creative stylist rut – where there is apparently “nothing” to wear in your wardrobe.

A week ago I made it my mission to cut my wardrobe in half and keep the clothes that I actually loved, instead of hoarding all these clothes that I never wore.

SO… I write to you as an ex-hoarder and now as a creative minimalist stylist.

Here are a few handy tips to get you out of your creative stylist rut of clothing:

  1. Keep the clothes you love. These are the clothes you wear time after time, also known as your “go-to clothes”, which are probably good quality too (which is a plus). You probably love these clothes without even realising it.

  2. Keep the clothes that fit you properly. Ladies, when I mean fit properly I don’t mean clothes you bought on sale that are two sizes smaller than you, that you wear after your fad diet, or that huge oversized shirt that makes you look like a potato. When I say “properly”, I mean it fits well and accentuates the right places of your body.

  3. The 1 year policy. If you haven’t worn it in the past year, chuck it. Don’t be that girl who’s attached to your clothes. Chuck. it. out.

You’re probably thinking I’m crazy but being creative with your style doesn’t come from bountiful piles of clothing or sheathing through your wardrobe every morning like you’re trekking through a jungle.

Style becomes something you own, it becomes unique as you pull together items you love.

SO… I dare you, are you willing to take the challenge?

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