Opinions, Opinions, Opinions

By Zohal Arbabzada – a year 12 HSC student, an aspiring writer and a humanities fanatic!

Thanks for sharing with us Zohal and good luck with the HSC – Keep up the great work 🙂

Everyone has an opinion and everyone believes their opinion is right.

Naturally we all have the right to believe our opinion is correct. Our opinion does develop from our own personal experiences and context, so if we believe our opinion is correct, who is to question otherwise?

Here I present you a situation in the hopes that it will get your synapses firing.

SO … You feel strongly on a specific issue and believe the validity of your thoughts. You voice your opinion. You receive backlash. People start questioning your opinion and they tell you why they believe you are wrong. You become frustrated, trying to preserve your argument which others are trying to discredit.

You come to the conclusion that people ‘do not have the right’ to say that your opinion is wrong. They can dislike but not invalidate your stance on an issue.

From my viewpoint, this is not the best way to go. It is seemingly tantamount to zipping a person’s mouth- as though you are suppressing their individual thoughts.

Now I find that this is circumstantial and dependent on the situation. For example, you say “I like strawberry ice-cream” but someone screams that you are wrong. Here, to say someone’s opinion is wrong is incorrect. One may not enjoy strawberry ice-cream but that does not mean others cannot enjoy it too. These opinions are sensory and are dependent on each individual’s thought process.

We are not the same and I say this all the time.

We all have different opinions and different tastes.

The problem is when you voice your opinion as fact.

For example, you say “The sun is not the centre of the solar system.” Well, be prepared for criticism because science proves your opinion wrong. Here, your opinion can be discredited because you are placing a subjective lens on an object or an idea that is objective. The fact that the sun is the centre of the sun system is fact regardless of human understanding – it will not change. Opinions, however, will change.

SO … go ahead and voice your opinion. Just remember that if you are going to state a fact as an opinion, it would be wise to check your facts.

SO … Question everything you are told and better yet question everything that you say.


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