Girls Make Your Move

Have you stopped to watch the advertisement for the government’s recent initiative ‘Girls Make Your Move’?

Girls Make Your Move is about inspiring, energising and empowering young women to be more active. Believe it or not but girls and women are less likely to undertake physical activity compared to males. And when females do, they mostly undertake exercise at a less intensity.

Be honest, how often is it easy to pass up the opportunity to exercise daily? Do you make time for regular involvement in a sport or activity?

Currently, there are great numbers of women living sedentary lifestyles and there is an increasing trend where women are developing lifestyles with no physical activity at all.

This has made me think about my experience in high school. There were girls in my class who refused to take part in weekly sports. I didn’t realise at the time however that they may have experienced barriers when it came to participating in physical activity.

Unfortunately girls often struggle with their body image, self-consciousness and suffer fear of judgement of what others would think of them. I think these challenges can also remain with some women as they grow older and could even lead to significant long term health impacts.

Knowing these challenges and barriers that women can face has made me share this initiative with you. I’d love to encourage all girls to start small. Just focus on the little things. There are so many creative ways to join a sport or activity! Make the time to plan your week well and pencil in regular exercise with others. It could be simple as 30 mins each day for a brisk walk or afternoon jog.

Even though it won’t be easy at first, but making the extra effort can make the world of difference! Remember that it’s not about perfection or feeling like you will be judged, rather I think it’s about being open to trying something new, sharing this with others and having fun.

Slowly, your little daily goals will become big and there will be a significant difference in how you approach physical activity.

SO… what are you waiting for? Girls make your move!

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