Meet Paula

Paula is a full-time journalism student, part-time philosopher and a 100% passionate visionary… so it’s no wonder why she’s our Substance editor.

With a desire to go deeper into the truth about things and what really matters in life, Paula has never shied away from wanting to know what makes people tick and encouraging them to become the best version of themselves.

You can read some thought-provoking articles in our Substance section here but, before you do, check out what Paula has to say in her own words:

1. When did you first hear about SO?

It all happened so unexpectedly.

I had been spending the day with a very good friend of mine, and I so often talked about my endeavours in journalism since I was six years old. I opened up to her about my vision of reaching out and inspiring a generation of women. She then told me that she had a group of friends who had a similar vision to myself and suggested that I meet them. So, I did.

We met halfway from where we lived in a humble cafe where we had our first official meeting.

2. How and why did you get involved with SO?

My friend introduced me to the two co-founders of SO, that being Kristina and Jo.

I decided to get involved with SO because Kristina, Jo, the rest of the girls and I all shared a similar vision of how we wanted this initiative to come about.

SO stands for Speak Out. The name and what it stands for, in itself, already expresses a strong and important message.

Everyone has a voice. Everyone has potential to be a great member in society. There are so many great stories and people out there that haven’t been heard. We want SO to become a platform where many people can shine brightly.

What I’ve always wanted to emphasise is that you don’t need to be journalist to write for us; you just need to be human.

3. What do you want to see SO achieve in 2016?

To be more established and to be more known, whether it is via social media platforms, through schools, university institutions or simply word of mouth.

I’m a firm believer in SO and what it can offer to Australia and, later on, to the rest of the world.

In 2016, I want SO to continue to follow through with the vision it has been trying to achieve from the very beginning – to dream big, be heard and inspire others.

I want SO to achieve this through sharing more stories of ordinary people like you and me and the things we are passionate about, whether it be sport, design, writing and more.

4. What are you passionate about? And why?

How funny is it to stumble upon questions like these? laughs to herself You really have to face yourself in situations like this.

Well, I’m passionate about the universe, truth and humanity and I wish to address my passion for these things through journalism.

I’m a bit of a philosopher from time to time so I like to ponder on these things.

But why?

Well, firstly, I think journalists have a very important role to play in society. Our opinions get publicised and they influence people on a large scale. The way we express our words have the power to shape society. With social media being so ubiquitous, your message has the capacity to be heard in an instant by millions of people you have never met, living on all edges of the globe.

We have to take advantage of our power by using it for the better of society. There is a need to restore humanity in many ways because of the crises of the times. There will always be a crisis that needs to be addressed. In the 21st century, one of MANY problems is the objectification of women – the value of a woman and her dignity. Good journalists should take advantage of being able to tackle these situations through what they write and send out into the world.

6. What is your over-arching 2016 SO challenge/ Truth and Dare  that you want to pass on to others?

To never stop trying to be a better person. If everyone makes the effort to do this, we make society a better place.

We need to acquire the humility to realise that there are things we can always improve in and that we can never remain complacent.

We need to help, motivate and inspire others to take on this challenge and I know that SO will be right behind this through publishing good articles in the various sections of sport, substance, school of life, style and social.

We’re also pushing to post various things throughout the week on our social media such as #motivationmondays, #tuesdaytruthanddare, #saturdaysocials and #throwbackthursday which links articles we have written in the past.

SO… watch out for all of this, world!

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