Meet Bev

Beverly was the first person to introduce SO to the world of sports back in 2014 and has been our Sports Editor ever since.

Besides sharing her passion for the game and writing articles for us, she has also interviewed a variety of women from different backgrounds who have all contributed in their own way to the promotion of sport – and especially women in sport – in Australia.

You can check out our Sport section here but let’s first introduce you to Bev:

1) When did you first hear about SO?

In 2014, my older sister Bernadette and our friend Nicole were driving home one day and they mentioned an online magazine encouraging young girls and women to ‘speak out’. They strongly encouraged me to get in touch with SO to write sports articles.

Deep down, I was buzzing with ideas and excitement but was painfully shy and lacked the confidence to articulate my opinion. It took a very close friend of mine named Paula, to explain that SO is not just about the main editors and their contributions but it was a space for everyone to share their ideas, vision and passion with others.

I guess after writing my first article, it really felt like I was a rookie on debut so to speak! One article about my sports injury sustained during a social indoor soccer game was definitely an invaluable story worth sharing and remains very special to me.

2) How and why did you get involved with SO?

I had the unfortunate experience in high school with some boys in my class where they had puzzled looks, a few laughs and teased me about the fact that I was an avid Test cricket fan! I smile about this now as an adult but at the time I remember thinking as a 15-year-old kid, there was nothing wrong with being a girl and to be so excited about things like the next Ashes series!

Sport is such an integral part of our lives, culture and has such a positive influence within our families and communities. There is so much beauty from sports when we learn to strive towards growth in virtue. It is a great way to make new friendships, foster a new interest and assists to develop new skills in a collaborative team environment.

My involvement with SO is truly like a childhood dream that has come true. I know that when I have my own daughter one day, I want her to be proud that her mum was not afraid to speak out and share her love for sports with others.

3) What do you want to see SO achieve in 2016?

I genuinely believe that there are heroic young females who are living ordinary lives that have made an extraordinary impact in the little things within their environment whether it be at home, school or their work. I would love to discover and hear more from them!

SO is an invaluable community for girls in the sporting world and I believe we hold true to our values to dream big, be heard and inspire others!

4) What are you passionate about? Why?

I’m incredibly blessed. Professionally I’ve worked in medical education for close to five-and-half years and I absolutely love it. I admire the doctors I have worked closely with over the years, how each one inspires me to strive towards serving others selflessly. I’m about to embark on post-graduate studies in health management, which will be an exciting new challenge.

Personally, I’m passionate about sports of course! Although my football days are well and truly over, my knee injury hasn’t stopped me from playing for my work volleyball team – the Dunlop Volleys! I also enjoy taking dance and spin classes.

Over the last few years, I’ve invested in foundation memberships with the Greater Western Sydney Giants AFL club and Western Sydney Wanderers FC. As a Westie-kid at heart, you’ll often find me at home games cheering on in the stands! Nothing beats sharing a game with friends and family. It’s been a personal goal of mine to introduce my girlfriends to experience a live sports match so I like to organise heading out to catch a football, AFL or cricket match.

I’m also an Arsenal FC supporter (thanks to my younger brother) so I can’t wait for when they head to Sydney in July 2017! In the past, I’ve witnessed football clubs such as Chelsea, Manchester United, Juventus, Real Madrid, Manchester City and Liverpool all play on home soil, which have been memorable sporting moments!

I often find that the happiest people tend to be the ones who find what they are passionate about, pursue it and also allows the line between work and play to be blurred. Oftentimes you realise that’s when you must be doing something right!

5) What is your over-arching 2016 SO challenge/Truth and Dare that you want to pass onto others?

A little act, done for Love, is worth so much! I’d love to encourage young girls and women to step out of their comfort zone, have a crack at a new sport in 2016 – whether it be to play or to watch – and share this with others.

SO… I really want young girls and women who share a passion for sports to write for SO and to also engage in dialogue with their friends and family.

SO would really love to hear your story!

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