Meet Kristina

It’s a strange feeling turning the questions you usually ask others on yourself, but that’s exactly what I’m doing with this article. Just this once.

My name is Kristina and I’m one of the Co-Founders of SO Australia. Yes back in 2004 I was one of those idealistic teens who sat at a dining table with my school friend Jo, and talked about making a difference in the world of Australian media. I took that meeting pretty seriously because after that two-person conference I chose a media and business degree and said goodbye to the notion of becoming a town planner.

From that day on I decided that I was going to become an Australian media mogul… but not the Murdoch or Packer type if that’s what you’re thinking… You could say it was then and there that I wanted SO to become a reality and not a mere concept or fanciful teenage dream.

In 2005 SO actually went under the name of Verity and was up on LiveJournal. But, as we all know, the pace of technological advancement is rapid and SO continues to evolve with it. With the continual rise of social media, SO has been given new opportunities to work and connect with others in ways which didn’t even exist a decade go. It’s a work in progress but patience is key.

The passion I have for the world of media and communications since my teens hasn’t changed really. Actually, I think I’ve had a one-track mind since 2004. After all, I studied media at uni then went right into the business after graduating. 2016 will actually mark my seventh year as a media professional.

I’m extremely grateful for all the opportunities that I’ve had working in the mass media; producing and sharing the news, stories, insights and opinions of different people to millions of others. It’s pretty amazing.

But I believe that some of the greatest and most valuable stories never reach the headlines or reach millions of people, and that’s why I want SO to succeed. In 2016 I hope SO will become a viable platform where people can and will share their passions and stories with others. Why not pass on the positivity?

In 2016 I hope more people will discover the reality that they’re not as ordinary as they may perceive themselves to be and to be open to discovering that about others as well.

SO… I nominate YOU to speak out, be heard and inspire others.

Challenge yourself and challenge others along the way.

– Kristina

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