Letter from an editor

Happy New Year!

Wishing you and your friends all the very best in 2016 🙂

This month SO Australia officially turns 2!

Looking over the 69 posts published in the last two years I remember how each post came into being and how getting them published have been stories in themselves. I’ve often pondered about SO – what it’s about and where is it’s heading – and while you could always check out our About page here, for now, I want to take you back to post no. 1.

SO’s first post Back to school again was published in January 2014. Katrina S –  a beautiful young woman and teacher who’s taught school-aged students across three continents – had some great tips to help students get ahead once the summer break was over and school was back on … so why not share them on a blog like SO?

Just like the first, the other posts published followed in a similar way; people had ideas, interests and talents and they shared them. On top of that, they also started to tell other people about the platform. SO was expanding and taking on shape beyond expectations.

A “Truth And Dare” challenge became a common feature and the world of sports was eventually introduced to SO. Even Fox Sports presenter Tara Rushton was happy to support our sport section. In addition to those milestones, one of SO’s editors was a keynote speaker at a conference and, believe it or not, SO even reached Hollywood – one movie consultant included one of our articles on her press page and personally thanked the writer for the “honor” to be written about in SO. Other blogs even shared SO’s insights into Gen-Y friendships.

And it went on from there, more people got in touch and shared what was meaningful to them with us.

In a way it’s simple. People speak out and share what they’re interested in or passionate about. But at the same time it’s not so simple either because not everyone is convinced that what makes them tick is going to be accepted or embraced by others. So why share in the first place?

It’s not always an easy task to share a bit of yourself with others but I believe it’s still a worthwhile endeavour. I guess you’d never really know how you could have a positive impact on others if you never took the risk to give a bit of yourself in the first place.

I know I’ve been either surprised or inspired by each of the people I’ve encountered through SO. There are a lot of topics that have come up that have made this blog all the richer and a reflection of the varied people who’ve contributed to this site. Whether it be about school, fashion, travel, art, philosophy, sport, movies, politics, writing (and the list goes on) – these are just a tiny snapshot of the true ingenuity that belongs to the individual people who’ve posted on SO.

And you know what? You probably have no real idea who these very people are. Maybe you’ve wondered who the people behind SO really are? Who are the editors and contributors that have written articles, gotten interviews or spread the word? Why do they bother trying to get others to speak out, be heard and inspire others.

SO… In the coming weeks, you’ll get to meet the editors (and contributors to come) who’ve worked hard at getting SO up and going. These people make the brains and heart of SO; they’ve shared their many talents and interests with SO, written for SO, spread the word about SO, and even interviewed people they admire for SO.

I want to thank everyone who has contributed to SO, but especially the editors who’ve been the core and continue to shape the direction for SO. Thank you! I probably don’t say it enough.

I know I haven’t revealed who these people are yet, but the veil will be lifted in the coming weeks. Trust me, they’re amazing 🙂

Cheers to 2016!

Kristina (one of the five editors of SO)

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