Let’s Be Game Changers

I hear you loud and clear Essena O’Neill.

Before you read on, see what Essena has to say about social media in one of her latest sharings online (on Vimeo too):

What do you think?

Besides talking about the harsh realities of her former life as a social media celebrity and her desperate thirst for approval and acceptance behind each carefully constructed post, what struck me most about Essena was her positivity.

Yeah, she may be talking about some really ugly things about the world of social media but there isn’t this “eff you, take me as I am” sort of statement coming from her either which is very refreshing … there is one deliberate swipe at the mass media but she has a valid point.

Her new website Let’s Be Game Changers definitely has a more life-affirming and deeply personal feel to it compared to other “love yourself” movements out there. Plus, it’s all in the making so you really don’t know what to expect next.

Obviously Essena isn’t the first person to expose the darker side of social media fame and fortune, but she is probably the first to passionately encourage people to revel in the joys of mundane everyday life and just be happy: go outside, see and talk to people, listen to nature…

Essena reveals that all she really wanted when she got started on social media was to be loved and be happy.

She believed – like millions of others out there – that the ‘perfect life’ is made up of having things. Whether it be having a fit body, a pretty face, loads of money and all the rest of it, essentially she believed things would make her happy.

SO… do you think things will make you happy?

I know many people would read that and immediately say “no” as if it is the most obvious thing in the world but do we really believe and live that?

I’m not just talking about consumerism here either.

How do we really react when things don’t go our way? We didn’t get the outfit right. We didn’t get the results we wanted. We didn’t have enough money for something. We got jealous of someone else for one reason or another. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Simply said (and exemplified by Essena’s experiences): Our self-worth isn’t dependent on things.

Yes, ‘things’ can include physical goods like money … but ‘things’ can also include certain qualities that other people possess that we don’t have.

Oftentimes we are unhappy because we feel we lack something. But why do we have to focus on what we don’t have? Why not focus on the things we do have and be grateful? It would seriously make us much happier. Essena and countless other people’s experiences have proven that.

There are so many things that we just want to possess. Beauty, smarts, style, talents, popularity… but for what? Why do we want to learn the hard way that building a lifestyle fulfilling me alone is actually lonely and dissatisfying?

There’s no denying that the pressures to buy into a comfort-seeking hedonistic lifestyle that centres itself on “me” and everything I want are strong; the number of ads trying to sell to people that material things are the solutions to all life’s problems are endless – and we believe them!?

There are so many voices, opinions and noise out there that says we are not enough. That’s bulls**t. Just because I don’t have A, B or C, doesn’t mean I’m worthless or don’t have anything. In fact, I have X, Y and Z – and that’s pretty good.  

Seriously, it would make the world a much more interesting place if people could just share who they are and what they have with others. The world is a much richer place because of the diverse array of people inhabiting and interacting within it. Say “no” to monotony and homogeneity, I say.

That’s what I love about Essena’s latest videos online. She wants to share with others who she is and what she likes and is passionate about. And that’s just it. Oh yeah, and she wants others to do the same. Kudos to her!

No, I’m not going to become a vegan or anything because Essena is – that’s just not me – but I will join her movement and take up the challenge to be a positive force in the world.

SO… Will you be a game changer?

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