Football Fashionista: Sporting Beauty

I’m never shy of sharing my love for football with my family and friends, especially when it comes to the start of a new football season. In addition to my passion for sports, I’m equally enthusiastic about fashion as I truly believe all women must embrace their own unique style and inner beauty.

SO… you might be thinking, what does football have to do with fashion?

Well as a young professional, I’m well aware that first impressions in terms of how we dress, act and behave do count and play a crucial role in demonstrating to the rest of the world that we deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

It is common for young women to overlook their choice of clothing when it comes to playing sports or taking part in weekly physical activity. How many times have we seen girls wearing gear that’s not exactly comfortable or even conducive for exercise?

SO… get ready to embrace beauty in what we wear. Let’s kick a few fashion tips your way to maximise style in sports!

1) Be proud of your team’s colours

I am an avid sports jersey fan at heart. I can safely say that my wardrobe is filled with colourful jerseys of my favourite football clubs. When I play for my weekly mixed volleyball team, you will always find me wearing a sports jersey of some kind. I like how a jersey can often bring about a sense of camaraderie if there are other fans on the field, which can often spark a conversation with someone new.

If you are part of a local club you will often dress according to your team colours. I think it is a great way to show pride in your team and also form a close bond with other players who are sporting the same attire. Next time you are on the field whether it be training or an actual match during the season, be proud of what your team’s colours represent!

Source: Pinterest

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2) Remember to dress for comfort, not to impress others

Sometimes women can put pressure on themselves to look good as they work out or if they play in a mixed team. I have witnessed some ladies wearing volumes of make up or are overly cautious with their hair. Trust me, this isn’t what the joy of exercise or what sports is all about.

When it comes to sport wouldn’t you want the focus to be turned to your skills than your body? If you want to turn the focus on your true identity choose clothes that are comfortable, allows movement, reflects your real beauty (and doesn’t distract from it). When it comes to exercise, choose clothes like a comfortable sweater, t-shirt and pants or shorts appropriate for the activity. A confident female is aware that perfect hair, makeup or wearing less clothing does NOT equate true beauty.

Source: Pinterest

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3) Casual chic can be cool

Have you ever been to a live sports game and have seen some fans dressed in short shorts, skirts or dresses? It can be distracting to see in the crowd and can even draw the attention away from the actual game being played. Beauty that comes from the inside is more important and the beauty of the game also deserves more attention. So, next time you are heading to a local game, try the casual look and just enjoy being with your friends and family amongst the atmosphere of the team and fans! You may find comfort by sporting jeans, your team’s colours, a sports cap or match your outfit with a bag or scarf. Keep it simple. Never forget that casual chic can still be pretty cool.

Source: Pinterest

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4) Have fun with colour

Never shy away from bold colours or choosing a splash of colour that you may not normally wear. You can highlight this through your choice in footwear, water bottle, head band or your sports backpack. As the weather warms up, enjoy a fresh new look with colours that pop and allow you to shine! Be a little adventurous by sporting yellow, orange, bright pink or fluro green.

Source: Pinterest

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SO… next time you plan on hitting the gym, playing weekly sports or trying your hand a new game, please take note that the way we dress should convey our natural beauty and who we are as a person, rather than just our body.

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