foodie: challenge accepted

Food blogging seems like the latest trend joining the ranks of kale, chia seeds and apple vinegar, so how do a couple of in-house lawyers start a blog?

A bit of background into our team, we are a social bunch, enjoying mid-week lunches and Friday night (fine afternoon) drinks. Our team constantly have meetings and “team bonding” sessions and the question that always arose was “where should we go?” Queue the morning research and discussions about differing menus and locations battling with differing tastebuds! Let us tell you it was a constant struggle! Naturally, the question (read: whinge) that arose was why couldn’t there be a blog that had only Sydney CBD eats?

If you take a look at the different blogs (go on type it into Google) you will get a range of blogs claiming to have CBD suggestions only to find that out of the “top 10” maybe 2 were actually contained within the CBD with the remainder located in Darlinghurst, Surry Hills and Potts Point. For anyone who works within the CBD, you would know that there would be no way to head over to one of these places, eat and make it back to your desk within an hour.

SO… we started a blog! Specifically, an “express” lunch blog, where we would take note of pricing, service, how long it would take to have lunch and whether we would revisit. This is how “express foodies” was born.

We should disclose that we are by no means chefs (seriously, I once googled how to cook rice) but we appreciate good food; and when we find good food we make sure our friends know about it.

Having a food blog means that we can organise lunch dates for two purposes – catching up with friends/team bonding and writing our review. Many of our friends have been on the end of the phone call and they never regret it.

Having a food blog somewhat forces you to try new foods because no one wants to see the same burger photos over and over. We are creatures of habit, so when you pick up a menu you might not realise, but generally, you will order similar foods. Having a food blog means we need to try different foods so our readers (our mums) don’t get bored.

Suggestions for cheap, quick eats around Sydney CBD:

  • Delisse – 235 Clarence Street
  • Vapiano – Corner King Street and York Street
  • Cross Eatery – 155 Clarence Street
  • Baker Bros – 1/56-58 York Street
  • Mr Tipply’s – 347 Kent Street

If you have any recommendations, or want us to review a place you might not be able to get to email us on

Check out our blog for more reviews or our Instagram page express foodies to see our photos.

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