BE creativity

Don’t worry if you don’t think you’re the creative type. Creativity can be hard and some people think that not everyone is born creative. Sure, some people are born more artsy. But that’s not what creativity is.

Creativity is more of an attitude and a choice. It essentially is a process. You take what you have around you or use experiences from the past and make them into something new!

Remember creativity doesn’t just have to apply to a project it can apply to ourselves. We can be creative in the way we live, grow and lead.

When it comes to leadership: creativity is very important. It builds understanding for other people’s situations. A creative leader will be able to pick up on these small things around us and will find a new way to approach a difficult situation in order to lead. True leadership is not about telling others what to do but about creating other leaders.

A really important aspect of creativity is collaboration and helping each other out. True, creative leadership is a process of getting to know yourself but also about knowing how you individually can help others and helping others do the same.

Steps to being creative: being creative is a constant process.

  1. IDEA: You just need to start with an interest, idea or concept that you want to explore – it helps to try new and different things and challenging activities
    1. You can do a mini brainstorm of what you already know about the subject – you can also try freewriting to allow your mind to loosen
    2. Look into the topic – especially if you really like it. There is always something new to learn.
    3. Always ask questions and ask for help. It’s a real myth that you have to come up with the whole creative project or idea by yourself. Everyone has such great ideas and creativity really comes from sharing your ideas with others so every person can build on it. You’re helping them and they’re helping you!
  3. FOCUS: This can be very tough. It’s great to have many ideas but you can really put your creativity to use if you can FOCUS on one idea and really work on that activity until the end.
  4. COURAGE: Making mistakes and failing is not easy for anyone but is essential to develop your creativity. This can make us uneasy but in reality we are slowly becoming more resilient and much stronger by overcoming these difficulties with help from others. Failure is always a step closer. It’s OK if your idea doesn’t work out because you have already learned something from undertaking it and you can use this for your next project.
  5. DON’T WORRY: I know this is easier said than done but worry and doubt really stifle creativity.

SO… do you have any other steps?

It’s really up to you how you can make every aspect in your life creative and it’s exciting to see how it manifests differently in everything and everyone.

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