Kick The Winter Blues And Give Sports A Go

We’re in the midst of one of the coldest winters in Australia and often this time of year leads us to shy away from the idea of getting outside to keep active.

I know I’ve struggled getting into my sports gear for a brisk jog or setting aside one night a week for a dance class due to lack of motivation.

But instead of snuggling up indoors with the heater turned on full blast, why not combat your fears of the dreaded cold and try something new?

Do you like swimming or running? Enjoy weekend netball, football or tennis? Or do you prefer to dance?

SO… no matter what you enjoy, we are all blessed with incredible gifts and talents that we must foster amongst our family and friends no matter what the weather may be like.

Let’s kick those winter blues and give sports a go!

Don’t wait until winter is over, get out there and start today! You may just discover a new motivation to get active and exercise.

Here are some simple steps to help get you started:

1) Start small and set a goal each day or week

This could be as simple as encouraging your friends to bring a football outside during your lunch breaks, or choosing to actively participate at school during your weekly PE lesson.

Or why not create your own weekly football team? You don’t have to be a pro or have played in the past, but try and encourage family and friends to share a fun game outside.

You could even ask friends to teach you the rules of a sport you have never tried before. It’s simple, social and doesn’t cost anything to enjoy time with loved ones while having a crack at a new sport.

2) Sleep well

Getting a good nights rest does wonders for your motivation. As a busy student or young professional, sleep is paramount to allow your body to be fighting fit with a healthy immune system.

A regular sleep routine will help with improved concentration and energy to tackle a new day. At least eight hours of sleep a night (or more for teenagers) is encouraged.

Make the daily commitment to get out of bed on time or start your day a little earlier to take on steps to a more active lifestyle during the colder months.

Perhaps choose to walk to school with your family and friends or make time for an afternoon walk with your dog at a local park.

Depending on what your commitments may be, your day may vary but always keep in mind that sleep is an important part of your day and, combined with an active lifestyle, will do wonders for you during the winter blues!

3) Keep moving and eat well  

It may be hard to keep active when it is cold outside but a good balance of healthy eating and exercise improves our health and wellbeing for the long term.

Rather than turning to comfort foods during the colder months, have a good mix of fruits, vegetables and nourishing healthy options rather than foods that are high in fats, sugars or salt.

Get out there and try something new with friends and family – you won’t even notice the chill when you’re all outdoors!

Growing up with three other siblings, I have fond memories of playing in the backyard – cricket, basketball, kicking a ball around or even making up our own games. Get mum and dad in on the fun and ask them to join you outside for a game! Mum can even act as wicket keeper at the stumps, Dad could bowl a few overs or your siblings could all act as fielders for a family game of backyard cricket.

SO… when it comes to taking up a new hobby or encouraging friends and family to get outdoors, you may just get inspired to discover a new-found love for sports even during the dreaded winter months!

What are you waiting for? Let’s kick those winter blues!

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