DIY: Spa session for your girlfriends

Have you ever found yourself bumming around on a late Saturday afternoon, singing along to the sound of music wafting through your house, nail polish in one hand and a toe in the other, wishing your bestie was with you?

SO… why not host a DIY spa session to hang with your girlfriends (and make most of your nail polish)?

If you want to make time to kick up your heels, relax, giggle and enjoy with the rest of the crew, then the no. 1 tip is to get organised.

Here’s a checklist to help you make that special DIY spa session for your besties:

1. Attendee List – be practical when creating your guest list!

Comfort is the key. You want ample room so that guests feel like they can unwind and let their hair down.

Remember a DIY spa is a way to strengthen existing bonds and deepen new ones.

Don’t be afraid to invite that girl you just met at uni, or that chick in your neighbourhood you always see but hardly talk to!

You’ll be surprised what a little night of TLC can do for the friendship department.

2. Theme keep in mind the theme you are going for.

This is a bonding experience so ultimately this is a chance for you to give to your friends and enjoy the moment you have created!

Is there a common “like” (colour, music, movie etc. ) your guests share? Then incorporate this into your theme.

The theme can be implemented in various aspects of your DIY spa: napkins, candle scents, food, music, ingredients …The list goes on!

3. What, When, Where & What to Bring! Sending out the invites.

Once you have your guest list together it’s time for invites outlining: what (spa & spa theme), when (date & time), where (address) and what to bring.

Make sure you let guests know 2 weeks or more beforehand so they have time to RSVP.

Be creative with invites. Be it handmade, digital, or a personal phone call … it’s up to you!

If you’ve got a tight budget then let your guests know that a BYO face towel, nail polish to share and plate of food would be much appreciated.

4. First Aid: Allergies to Food & Spa Ingredients

A big factor to consider is allergies! Make sure you ask your guests ahead of time if they are allergic to certain chemicals or foods.

This goes for the food you choose to serve on the day as well.

5. Spa Activities 

Nail painting

Print out various nail art that has caught your eye for your guests to use as inspiration.


There is an infinity of spa recipes online and in books you can easily buy or borrow from your library (e.g. If you are going for a Hawaiian theme, research recipes that tie in with that).

Make sure the ingredients you use are fresh and mixtures are made on the day or an hour or so before starting time.

Be mindful that some fruits can oxidise quite rapidly so try and avoid them if you need to prepare you spa ingredients ahead of time. Alternatively, you can separate all ingredients ahead of time for guests.

Food & Drinks

Light refreshments and drinks, canapés and small desserts should suffice. You don’t want to be busy in the kitchen and end up missing out on all the fun!

Alternatively, you can turn your spa into a potluck affair and request guests to bring a dish along.

Another good idea is to bake with your girlfriends while your face packs are drying!


Coloured napkins, scented candles and a few flowers are just some suggestions to spruce up the place and create a spa ambiance your girlfriends’ will love!


You want to encourage your guests to talk and bond so keep music to a minimum noise level as a soft background sound.

Mood Lighting

This can be done with candles or lamps if you choose to create a spa like ambiance that you may find in commercial spas. It’s all up to you and what fits with your theme.

6. Show Time!

Hopefully this guide has inspired the inner nurturing diva in you!

A DIY spa session is an amazing way to bring your girlfriends together to not only learn awesome beauty tips and be spoiled and pampered, but it’s an excellent way to get to know each other in this electronic age we live in.

It’s a face-to-face fool proof plan for girls to bond and share in much needed human interaction!

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