Food, Friends and Fond Memories

We all know families and friends come together around food.

You can imagine the scene. The dining table covered with plates and platters of every size and of every kind of dish, never-ending drinks, the laughter, the loud and multiple conversations rallied across the table, and the happy faces of people you love all around you.

Some of my best memories as a child were of these kind of gatherings around food.

I remember the time I moved out of home (barely knowing how to cook for myself) and wanting to hold a dinner party, or rather a fiesta, for my friends at my new place.

Living in sunny Brisbane, I took advantage of the warm weather and organised for a feast to take place on the deck of the Queenslander (an elevated house) I called home.

That was a just about a year ago and I still love relishing in the memories of that ‘winter’ night.

Everyone brought food, which they prepared to be cooked and then placed on the nicely-set outdoor table.

We cooked everything at my place so the food would be hot, fresh and straight out of the kitchen.

I think cooking with people makes great bonding time. There’s laughter, teamwork and creativity. Your whole self is involved as well as all your senses: sight, smell, touch, taste (of course) and even hearing.

Everything came together so well that night, compared to the very first time I hosted a dinner party and made way too much pasta for three people (how was I supposed to know that you’re not supposed to use the whole bag of spaghetti?).

SO… Why not host a feast for your friends or family and create fond memories?

Sure, preparing a feast takes more effort and organisation than a wine and cheese night but its definitely worth it.

I’ve just told you my about my memories around food but I hope it will inspire other people to do the same – making good memories around meals – for the people they love.

SO… get up, get cooking and make it happen!

Good luck and bon appetit.

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