Life is Your Runway: Fashion Week trends to try out this Winter

Now that the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (April 12-16) has come and gone in Sydney, I have put this article together realising (and crying) that I and 99% of the population will never sport the clothes those models and fashion bloggers wear.

But does this mean that we can’t ever dress up-to-date? No, of course not!

Those designers and bloggers — with more followers than the total population of a Polynesian island nation— had to start somewhere.

What can we learn from them? What can they teach us?

That we all have our OWN runways: Life.

Whether it be the broken footpaths, the shopping centres, the workplace … we all walk down them never looking back.

SO… stealing some inspiration from some lovely ladies who have comfortably settled into their street runways, here are a couple of trends that have come off hot from the latest fashion weeks for you to try out!



Images: Pinterest

This is greatly inspired by the gorgeous Burberry Prorsum shows. These girls can show you that sometimes all you need is a simple accessory to completely spruce up an outfit. Tie on top of your coat or outer layer to instantly add volume and dimension to your look. Another genius idea (see pictures) would be to layer a scarf onto your coat then tie the belt around both. Simple, yet extremely effective. It’s a great way to chic up your look for the ultra-cold days up ahead. Try with belts of different widths and materials for a range of fabulous looks! Also, if you have an oversized coat, this trick is extremely effective creating a more exaggerated and defined flare.  



Images: Pinterest

It’s a blast from the past and the 70’s are back! Runways have been swarmed with suede and fringe galore and the reception has been very positive. Fringe is available in a range of different items – skirts, blouses, jackets, shoes and bags – so you can incorporate fringe in your wardrobe in whatever way desired (without looking like a Western hero). If you like to dress bohemian, you’ll adore fringe! For a more modern look, try pairing with a t-shirt or a crisp button-up blouse.



Images: Pinterest

Another 70’s inspired trend here, incorporating what you already own. Denim! We all know that jeans can be extremely comfortable and many people can swear that they can live in one pair of jeans forever. Well, you denim-lovers, now you can take it one step further! Denim has been used to make button-front skirts (very popular), jacket and jumpsuits! See all the ways you can layer with denim and try experimenting with different textures and fabrics. Also, this season, we are saying bye-bye to the skinny jeans and hello to flared jeans. It’s amazing to see how much difference an outfit looks just by changing the fit and cut of your jeans. Have a go! Experiment with denim … maybe try some bell-bottom jeans!



Images: Pinterest

Here’s something for the brave-hearts out there. Fur coats, jackets and scarves are quite the cult item for the high-flyers in the fashion world, and you can see why. Fur can come in a range of different crazy colours and looks very luxurious, lush and extremely bold. It can transform a normal outfit into an extravagant showcase! So if you have a crazy, different, bold personality and like taking risks, fur might just be your fluffy, wearable new best friend! Why not give it a go? These girls rocked it and so can you!



Images: Pinterest

You might be scanning this shaking your head in disbelief – fair enough, everyone has a different personality and therefore everyone has a unique style – but maybe this trend is more suited to you. Great designers like Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen and Christophe Lemaire know a thing or two about applying “less is more” to their designs and can be seen on their runways this season. Minimalism isn’t a brand-new trend but it is one that will never go out of style for its simplicity and class. If this is you, try sticking to a neutral palette of whites, blacks or greys (or even camel) for a sophisticated look. You might also try coordinating a monochrome outfit. Also, don’t go for embellished or really shocking pieces. Stick to the basics and keep to clean edges. Some items could include a woollen turtleneck, a classic white button-up, a long straight coat, a vest, loose pants or culottes and a simple clutch or handbag.

Just remember: KISS (Keep-It-Simple-You-Wonderful-Lady) 😉

SO… I hope you are now inspired to add a little life to your winter wardrobe. Look, just because, the weather can be dull, cold and dreary, doesn’t mean you have to dress like that too! Try experimenting this season but don’t forget to always stay true to yourself. Have fun and be confident in yourself.



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