A Philosophy on Travelling

Passport? Check. Travel insurance? Check. Luggage ready? Check. Money? Check. You’re halfway there.

There’s more to travelling than just the practical matters. SO… here are some things to consider if you want to make the most of your travels and make it a memorable and life-enriching experience.

There is more than meets the eye.

Whether you’re travelling abroad or interstate, there’s more to travel than just the iconic landmarks. Typically tourists from around the world come to see the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House when they visit Sydney. But beyond the cliché and commercialised, Australia is truly a land of diverse and dynamic cultures.

Australia is one of the most multicultural countries in the world. There are people from different cultures and ethnicities (from left, right and centre of the globe) within the very midst of this land. In Sydney alone, you can find just about every type of cuisine  from around the globe within its northern, southern, western and eastern suburbs.

Explore and go beyond the common expectations. You’ll surely surprise yourself and discover a part of the world you never knew even existed – whether within Australia or abroad. Different landscapes, people, fashion, food, cultures, sights and sounds …

Take the opportunity to disconnect from technology.

It can be difficult to appreciate the experience of travel holistically when we’re all so absorbed with the virtual world. Remember that apart from physically going to a destination, travelling also includes de-stressing, recollecting yourself and a time to mentally recharge. It’s near impossible to be able to do these things during a university semester or a working week.

Take this opportunity to disconnect from technology and to reconnect with YOU. From personal experience, focusing on what was around me, rather than my electronic gadget, allowed me to learn more about myself. Whilst travelling, I was able to come to terms with my goals, resolutions and discovered things I never thought I was capable of in the process.

Slow down. Drink it in. Soak it up.

Never feel the need to rush whilst going from one place to another. Remember, it’s not every day that you’re basking in the ambiance of the Trevi Fountain in Italy or in the vibrant hustle and bustle of Madrid’s night life in Spain (I was in Europe in September).

Rushing decreases the quality of travel and the memories we retain from our encounters. You didn’t spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to experience a blur or to go at a hurried pace like a person late to work on a Monday morning.

It’s important to be able to just pause and contemplate.

Remind yourself to be grateful.

The reality is that there are some things about travelling that can really ruin the mood. It may be losing valuables, sore feet from long distances of walking or something like the petty and annoying mannerisms of people you’re with (if you’ve travelled with a  group of people for a fair amount of time, most of you would get this!).

At the end of the day, travelling with a good attitude will help you make the most of your experience.

Keeping a notepad on you and listing reasons to be grateful is a good tactic to help fight the travel blues. So whenever you’re starting to feel down, refer back to your list.

SO… travel with a purpose – to change, to learn, to grow. Happy travelling!

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