Busy, busy, busy

I don’t know if it’s just me or the kind of people I hang around with but I get the feeling that – in general – people are busy.

Whether it’s rushing around to do the last-minute edit of an assignment, cooking dinner, finding the right day to catch up with friends and family or getting around to making that gift for someone, people seem to be very tied-up when it comes to their time.

We’ve often heard people say “If only I had the time”, “I’ve just got so many things going on right now” and the “I’m really busy!” phrase. You can’t help wonder if this digital age we’re living in has somehow dramatically altered our notions of time. It seems everything needs to be high-speed nowadays; anything less is worthless.

While I can totally understand why some reminisce about ‘simpler times’ when people seemed to have more – or uninterrupted – time (for themselves and others) and weren’t always connected to the world wide web, I still think there’s a way to maximise our time in this day in age.

SO… here are some tips that I’ve learnt, which have helped me make the most of my time.

  • Be selective. As much as we’d liked to get involved in a vast number of different things, we have to be realistic and choose a select number of activities we know we can actually make time for. Basically, don’t over-commit yourself. That way you can more thoroughly delve into your chosen sport, hobby or project and do a really good job of it, without the excessive or unnecessary fluster.
  • Make a timetable. The thought of sticking to a timetable used to be so irksome to me. I simply didn’t like the thought of being rigidly confined to such a thing. It took some time before I saw the real benefits in having a timetable or planner of some sort. I found that making a timetable not only helped me put order in my activities, but also helped me be more flexible in rearranging my activities when necessity called for it.
  • Stop and reflect. It may seem like a paradox to say this but, honestly, taking moments to pause would actually help you use your time well and be more effective in the end. Why? Well firstly, being constantly active does not always equate to being productive. Some tasks could be given some extra thought before any action is taken. Secondly, we’re human and need breaks every now and again to refresh ourselves.
  • Communicate. I think this is the point I’d like to really stress here. When we feel overwhelmed with ‘busy-ness’ it’s important that we talk to someone about it. Besides simply letting off steam, we also need to listen to others to help us see things from a different perspective. Otherwise, we could fall into the trap of getting really caught up in ourselves and our activities. Sometimes we can think that we are the only ones who are busy in this world.

While I find these tips work for me, I’m sure you’ve also got awesome time tricks up your sleeve too. If that’s so, don’t be shy to share.

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