Week in, week out. For the love of sports

I think I can safely say that I am an avid Test cricket fan at heart. Better scratch that. When it comes to Test cricket, I’m a proud traditionalist. Quite possibly, a cricket geek!

I’m not ashamed to admit it, but I actually do care and share a passion for sports like cricket. Why? Well I think when it comes down to it, despite all the funny smirks, rolling of eyes or the fits of laughter growing up with friends that aren’t sports enthusiasts, I just love how sports can have such a significant and positive impact on our lives.

If I were to rank my top three favourite sports in the world, it would have to be: Test cricket, AFL and Football (soccer for us Aussies of course!) I think my passion really blossomed at 15 when I sat down and watched my very first Ashes Test series.

Fast forward ten years later, I have been blessed to have experienced years of live sports games and closely followed sporting clubs and heroes that will remain treasured memories to last a lifetime.

SO… whether or not you barrack for a sporting team, have signed up to support a local club or avidly cheer on at a home game, here are some benefits of sharing a passion for sports:

  • Quality time with loved ones. I think there’s nothing more beautiful than being able to share a passion for sports with your family and friends. You may not realise something so simple as sitting next to your friends at a Test cricket game or tuning in during the early hours of the morning with your family to watch the World Cup, is quality time spent. Moments like this remind us of how important it is to make time for others. Despite our busy daily lives, sports can help us find a balance with making time for loved ones. Next time you feel like catching up with mates, why not invite them to the footy over the weekend or have them over to catch the Boxing Day Test?
  • Embracing something new. It is a blessing to be able to share what you love with others. Sharing a love of sports is something that most people can find common ground on to develop a sense of camaraderie; whether it be at home, school or work. We should encourage others to embrace new interests. If you enjoy supporting a particular sports team or sports player, why not share this interest with others? You could have a bit of banter with family on the AFL club rivalries over dinner or invite your friends over to stay up watching an English Premier League (EPL) game. Being able to share what you love with others may just spark an interest for them to discover something new.
  • Motivation. What I love most about sports in particular is that the success of a team comes down to the hard work and commitment of each player. Although I’d count Adam Gilchrist and Mike Hussey as my childhood heroes and absolute cricket legends, I don’t think they would have found success on their own, without the support and strength of a devoted team. More importantly, a team that shares the same vision and goals can positively motivate us to find success not just individually but also as a whole.  Through all the wins and losses, sports can help us learn the importance of valuing hard work, dedication and sacrifice.

I don’t  think my younger self ever expected to be quite passionate about things like the summer of cricket, the Sydney Derby, the starting line up over the weekend or the heartache of a grand final loss, but at the end of the day, nothing beats the feeling of sharing a passion for sports with others.

~ Beverly Anne

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