Having the Attitude of Gratitude

Most of us say it all the time without batting an eyelash, but do we ever really pause to consider what we are really saying when we say Thank You?

Behind this common and everyday phrase lies something more than a casual show of appreciation. One can appreciate a beautiful piece of music without ever stopping to thank it; likewise, one can appreciate pizza (even pizza with anchovies on it) without ever feeling compelled to utter a thank you to its cheesy, tomatoe-y existence.

At the bottom of this simple thank you phrase is something we may not even realise: humility. Saying thank you, in fact, humbles us. And this is good for us.

Saying thank you acknowledges the fact that we are lacking in something that we otherwise would not be able to gain without the action or help of someone else. So in effect, one cannot be thankful without being thankful to someone.

Whether it be your dad for opening that stubborn jar of pickles, or a stranger for returning your lost wallet, saying thank you gives others credit in some way for something you couldn’t have done without them.

Thank you – apart from showing appreciation for a certain something – lifts the other person up and gives him or her due credit for an action or outcome.

I highly doubt that anyone would ever say “I’m thankful to the flowers that arrived at my doorstep today. It really made my day.” No—any decent human being would try to find the person responsible for it and thank them for it personally.

When it comes down to it, it isn’t gratitude if it isn’t personal.

Saying thank you, and having a genuine attitude of gratitude, is a surefire way to a life full of positivity and deep happiness.

SO… Here are some practical tips for fostering a true sense of Gratitude:

1) Write or express Thank Yous verbally, interiorly, or in a journal—on a daily basis. It isn’t hard to take a few moments in your day to say Thank You—to God, your family members, friends, etc.

2) Swap out the meaningless Sorries scattered throughout our day for some sincere Thank Yous.

3) Have a stockpile of thank you cards ready for all occasions. Apart from being a tangible means for showing others we care, these notes can get you ahead in life; you could gain lifelong friendships … or even your dream job.

As far as the practical tips, try them! Trust me; they will help. You can thank me later ; )

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