Meal for a Meal: A different kind of dinner date

Usually I’ve got my finger poised to click the ‘skip’ button when it comes to pop-up video advertisements on YouTube, but I unexpectedly came across a simple – yet inspiring – ad a week ago, and it’s really stuck in my mind since.

Have you heard of the #mealforameal campaign? It’s a joint effort by Virgin Mobile Australia and OzHarvest to provide at least 400,000 meals for Australians who don’t have the money to buy or make a decent meal for themselves.

By collecting the leftovers from food outlets, OzHarvest are able to salvage and distribute around $8 million worth of food to people across Australia who would otherwise go hungry without their help.

This time around, OzHarvest is harnessing the power of social media to help provide hundreds of thousands of meals to Australians in need. Essentially the power is now in your hands, and I find it hard to ignore the call to help.

To think that there’s such a simple yet meaningful way for social media users, particularly Instagrammers, to help fellow Australians in need by uploading a food photo and tagging it #mealforameal on either Instagram or Twitter. Yes – it’s that easy!

I’ve been lucky enough to volunteer with food banks and soup kitchens in the past, and though this campaign is not a perfect substitute for that special kind of volunteer work, it still is another way for people to feed the hungry.  The more opportunities to help those in need, the better I say.

It’s amazing to think that your one upload can provide someone out there with a nourishing meal – how’s that for promoting solidarity via social media?

Virgin and OzHarvest’s #mealforameal is probably one among a number of other similar campaigns out there, aimed at promoting a good cause – and thus creating positive change – via social media.

To be honest, this is the only one I’ve come by quite like it but I’d love to know about others like it. Do you know of any other initiatives like this?

SO… next time you whip out your phones to upload a food pic on Instagram, don’t forget to hash tag it #mealforameal.

To think, one pic will give someone out there one meal …  and who says you have to limit it to one photo anyway? Why not upload multiple pics and feed a whole family?

So bon appétit (in advance) to you and to that special someone you’re going to help out there.

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