More than a day

They come around every year. Some people love them and wish they could happen more than once a year, while others don’t see or understand what all the fuss is about.

Wondering what I’m talking about? I’m talking about birthdays!

There’s so much more to celebrating birthdays than blowing candles, eating cake and marking the passage of time in the life of a person.

I think birthdays are perfect times to really celebrate lifeΒ  – to celebrate the very life of that birthday boy or girl. I know it probably sounds so obvious but sometimes we don’t let our friends know enough just how much we love and appreciate them for who they are (no other reasons needed!).

A good friend loves at all times… And birthdays are a great time to let our friends know just how grateful we are for their very existence. Life is so much richer because of our friends!

As much as we wish we could always be there for our friends on their special day, we know there will be years when, for whatever reason, we can’t be with them to celebrate their birthday.

I’ve just celebrated the birthday of a good friend of mine. I haven’t known her for more than a year but she’s definitely like a sister to me, and I’m grateful for the friendship we share.

She moved to Australia less than a year ago and I thought about her family and friends – who’ve known her her whole life – who can’t celebrate her birthday with her in person this year.Β All the more reason for her Aussie friends to shower her with meaningful pressies then!

I know she likes craft and DIY, so I put in effort to make a handcrafted birthday card since I knew it would mean something to her. Haha! I don’t think it was the prettiest card but I’m sure she’ll appreciate it all the same. I tried my best guys, I really did. πŸ™‚

Each friend is unique; with their own colourful personality, talents, dreams and quirks.Β Friends are priceless treasures and their birthdays give us the best opportunities to shower them with gifts and good things in ways that are special and meaningful to them. Some like big parties, while others like to keep things low-key or intimate.

You know your friends, so you’d be just the person to know how to create that unforgettable birthday for them.

SO… How do you show your friends how much you care for them on their birthdays?

Pssst! Now might be a good time to start planning those special birthday occasions for friends in a way that is 100 percent them… We’re celebrating their life after all! πŸ˜‰

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