DIY Threads: A-line Skirt

Everyone loves a good DIY. The satisfaction of making something with your own hands is not only empowering, but also just plain awesome.

SO… here we present a simple tutorial for making your own A-line skirt. The beauty in sewing your own garments lies in the fact that it is 100% you – your style, your creation, your talent.


#1 Cut a rectangle of fabric. To get the dimensions, measure your waist and double. This is the width of material. For a fuller skirt, increase this measurement to get the desired fullness. To get the length, measure desired length of skirt and add 10cm.Slide02

#2 Fold the rectangle of fabric over so that the wrong side is facing out. Sew the 2 layers together about 1 cm in, to close fabric. Overlock the raw edge using a zig-zag stitch.Slide03

#3 Fold down the top edge by 1 cm and iron down. Repeat for the bottom edge, folding up 1 cm and ironing*Slide04

#4 Fold down the top edge again, but by the width of elastic + 5 mm and iron. Repeat for bottom edge except fold by 3cm.*

*Ironing the folds will create a nice neat edge and will assist in sewing.Slide05

#5 Sew along the edge of the fold to close the hem for both the top and bottom of the fabric. For the top edge, don’t sew all the way around, but leave a wide gap to slip through the elastic.Slide06

#6 Cut elastic length as per waist measurement minus 3 cm (or to desired tension). Attach a safety pin to the edge of the elastic and gently guide along the hole made on top edge of fabric.Slide07

#7 Hold onto the end of elastic so as to not lose it in the hole!


#8 Overlap the edges of the elastic by 3 cm and sew over as a square to ensure it is secure. Pull fabric around exposed hole until flat and sew closed.Slide09

Et Voila!



  • If you haven’t used a sewing machine before, it’s important to learn from someone who does know. I know, I know, but you just want to start sewing now! Ah, but young grasshopper, even Chanel had to begin with the basics! YouTube has a great video tutorial here.
  • The great thing about the simplicity of this design is that you can afford to go bold with colours and patterns. Be daring!
  • Use a nice stiff material for a full skirt (as in the picture), or use a more flowy material for a more romantic look (also great for a maxi-length skirt)

Sew on! And make sure to show us your finished threads in the comments below!


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