Friends for life?

I was lounging around in the peacefulness of a Saturday afternoon, reading an article on friends leaving town. It was rather depressing. It hit me that this will happen to me— to all of us— once we leave the drama of high school.

The friendships so strongly developed through the years will scatter like marbles dropped on a hardwood floor.

Some ricochet off obstacles and roll back to you— a little dusty, a little sheepish – but still the same. You’re able to pick those ones up again. Others, however, disappear under objects forever. Hidden in places you’ve never seen, or been, or thought of.

We probably can’t see that far into the future (however far or close that future is for you) but, for now, we’re surrounded by our group of close friends that fill our time with noise and laughter.

It’s with these people we spend our weekends and afternoons, share  our forever-embarrassing moments, confide in, forget worries or solve problems with. They are the ones we run to whenever we need to.

Yet these friends are also the people we get annoyed at, argue and get infuriated with. If they’re true friends though, you’ll be hanging out all smiles and hugs at the end of the day.

It’s the kind of grand rollercoaster of feelings that everyone has a free ticket for.

You can sit around with your best buds at the library, in a bus or wherever your go-to chill out spot is, and feel comfortable and happy. Sometimes nobody’s saying anything and it’s nice. You still feel happy because you’re deeply grateful to have these weird and different people in your life.

However, no friendship groups can get out of high school unscathed. There are bumps in every road and high school – especially while you’re presently living it – is like the M4 that stretches across Sydney. There will be times we feel pushed and shoved around.

Issues come in big and small packages and the big issues tend to bring out the real personalities of each friend.

The difficulties that crop up can really test our friendships. Maybe it’s a loss, a terrible discovery, a misuse of trust or a concern that one friend is in trouble and losing their way.

Our reactions to these events can vary though. Some of us will feel shock or sadness while others will feel anger.

The beautiful thing is, if you overcome it together (no matter how long it takes or how difficult the circumstance) the friendship grows to be so much stronger. At times, we can feel on top of the world with them.

We might enjoy thinking that the concept of having friends in foreign countries is romantic or useful. In theory ‘yes’ but practically? That might be a different story.

Right next to family, our friends are some of the most important life teachers and companions. So then it’s absolutely crazy to think one day we may be separated.

One day (maybe soon)… we’ll leave high school and enter university; meet new people; travel and live overseas; get married and start a family; or live in a place we never thought we would… but we’ll still live.

We will live through life with friends coming and going.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that if some friends go away they were not true friends. Life has a beautiful and strange way of pulling and pushing people to new experiences.

SO… for now, surround yourself with your genuine chums and always remember to laugh and be thankful for the friendships you have.

In the end, somehow, this is good enough for me.

~ Jenna A

2 thoughts on “Friends for life?

  1. christinabuhagiar says:

    I haven’t read something on friendship that has made me think so much in a while. This really tells of the beauty of friendship and how even if your friends are the ones that you may quarrel and get completely irritated by, they’re still the ones that make you feel loved and the ones that you love. That’s the essence of friendship.


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