Giving it a go… again!

Sometimes it can be frustrating when you have to try really hard at something you usually feel competent (or at least comfortable) doing.

We’re practically in the middle of Term 1 and if you feel like you’re already starting to slip behind on the school front, I can guarantee you’re not alone.

Let’s speak plainly here.

It really sucks when you’ve set awesome goals at the beginning of the year, only to then feel like you’ve already struck out before Term 1 has even ended!

Yes. Sure we may feel this way at times but lets not forget that achieving goals is never usually an easy task. Challenges are inevitable.

SO… Wait a minute. Think – why did I even bother setting goals at the beginning of the school year anyway? What was the point?

It’s very easy to see the end goal – the place we aim to be – in the far distance.  Yes!! An A in Maths!!

On the other hand, it can be really discouraging when we see that, right now, we are nowhere near achieving that goal. Yikes! 55 per cent in the Calculus test… Bye-bye A in Math. I want you but it looks like it’s not going to work out.

Ok. Whatever your goals are the principles of ‘goal-making’ are the same.

Whether you’re aiming to get into the gymnastics team, auditioning for a music solo or just trying to finish reading the book you were assigned in English; when you look back at the goals you made at the beginning of the year, consider the following:

  1. Am I taking things step by step? Sometimes we can freak ourselves out and get overwhelmed when we just have the end goal in mind. We need to look at (and walk on) the steps that lead to the end goal. Quadratics here we come. First step learn the quadratic equation.      
  2. Am I putting in the effort? No matter how many times we’ve heard it before, the effort we put in to achieving something is often more valuable than the outcome itself.  It’s true! If we don’t get the result we were after, we should shift our focus on the things we actually did learn and achieve along the way. Obviously I don’t quite get exponentials (yet) but I’ve definitely got quadratics down.
  3. Am I keeping my cool? It’s super important to keep our calm, especially when our aims and expectations are high. We can usually see things with much better perspective when we’re not fretting about like a chicken. Keep optimistic and keep on going. When you’re starting to feel under the pump take a step back, breathe, have a good look around you (I’m pretty sure the sky hasn’t fallen!) then get back in the game and get on track to achieving those goals!

Good Luck!

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