It’s only natural

‘Organic’ seems to be an all-encompassing buzzword for just about anything these days.

When it comes to food, it’s all about healthy dieting and ethical eating. ‘Less-processed is best!’ they say.

The emphasis on having nothing artificial or inhumane when getting produce to plate has been a mission taken on by celebrity chefs in the likes of Jamie Oliver.

On the other hand, If we’re talking about health and wellness you can turn to Hollywood celebrity Jessica Alba, founder of The Honest Co, for some tips. From eco-friendly diapers to non-toxic home cleaning essentials, The Honest Co. seems to have something to offer.

Jamie and Jessica (who also happen to be famous) are just two among thousands of other people in the world (who aren’t famous) who are all about ‘getting back to nature’ in one form or another.

But what does ‘getting back to nature’ really mean anyway? What does it mean to be natural?

Is it just about keeping ourselves in touch with the natural physical environment in which we live? Or is there more to it?

When we say someone is ‘natural’ we know we are speaking more about a person’s character, talents and qualities.

SO… there’s definitely much more to being in touch with nature than just being connected with the environment. It means being connected with ourselves as well; our talents, personality and qualities.

As contradictory as it may sound getting back to nature isn’t really all that easy.

Just take a look at Jamie Oliver’s cause. His ongoing fight to bring about a food revolution, convincing individuals and institutions on giving overly-processed foods the cut, hasn’t been easy.

Also, Jessica Alba’s commitment to creating organic products with a cause is a lot of work for the mother, actress and entrepreneur.

Jamie and Jessica work hard to encourage people to get back to nature when it comes to physical health and our natural and home environments.

Why can’t we also encourage others to get back to nature in terms of their mind, spirit and talents?

We need to develop our talents and qualities if we want to more fully be our natural selves.

You know, it’s a bit of a flow-on effect when you think about it: the more natural we become, the more natural we make the environment around us.

When we’re natural ourselves, and encourage others to be natural too, an environment of trust and friendship can grow and take shape. It changes the world around us.

Tell SO… what your (or your friends’) natural talents and qualities are and how you make the environment around you more natural.

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