Case of the cozzie

Though school may be just around the corner, there are still plenty of days to soak up the sun , hit the beach or pool, and make a splash this summer.

Whether you’re the girl who’s basically lived the life of a mermaid this break or are one of the girls who hasn’t gone anywhere near water (yet), there is a burning question I’d like to ask you?

Have you ever been caught up in a ‘case of the cozzie’?

This one doesn’t fit! That one’s too expensive. That’s just ugly. Maybe that could look great… for my grandma.

We may be smack-bang in the middle of summer but there are still some of us who still haven’t found the right cozzies.

SO… can you help? What designs/brands/styles/prints have really caught your eye this summer? What would you recommend to  girls still looking for the perfect suit?

You may like the vibrant designs of Funkita or maybe you’re more drawn to the retro styles of 1960s classic beachwear. Then again, maybe you didn’t find anything you really liked out there on the market and want to design your own cozzie (or line of cozzies).

Tell (or show) SO… in the comments section below!

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