Back to school again

There’s no denying the thought of having to swap the summer tote for the school bag at the end of January can be a little depressing.

The joy of long summer days, hanging out with family and friends, and not having to worry about assignments or due dates always makes the December/January break that much sweeter and undeniably one of the best holiday seasons we have.

As much as we would prefer to keep the thought of all things ‘school’ out of our brains these days, we can’t deny the reality that we’re going to have to step onto school turf again by the end of this month.

SO… here are a few tips to help you get back into the swing of things  before heading back to school:

  1. Mentally prepare. It could be a few days (or weeks) before, but it’s smart to start living by a schedule before school starts… If you’re not too sure about how that would fly, at least try setting up a concrete time to wake up / go to sleep. That way the first day back to school won’t be such a shocker! Easing into things is much nicer than abrupt changes.
  2. Set up your work space. If you want to have a smooth start to the new school year, first find a good place where you know you will actually work. To be productive you also need the right supplies. Try avoiding last minute trips to Officeworks to buy pens, notebooks and all your other school supplies. Take pride in the work space (complete with the necessary supplies) you set up. Make it your own and make it work!
  3. Get a good planner or calendar. It might be on your smartphone or be a diary or desk planner. Whatever suits you. The bottom line is you have to be comfortable using it consistently. Use it for everything – school, family and social commitments. Compartmentalising all these aspects of your life into separate spaces will cause confusion and conflict.
  4. Set goals for yourself. No one else has to know them, and they don’t have to be cheesy or dramatic. What they can’t be, though, is ambiguous. Be specific and set high expectations for yourself. *Remember – achieving goals takes time and perseverance. There will be times you fall short of your goals and expectations. What then? Dust yourself off and try again. It may be hard but your efforts will guarantee that you’ll be at the top of your game, and not one of the class straddlers.
  5. Read Sean Covey’s ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens’. Short and sweet. Clear and simple. This book reminds us that school isn’t just about study and grades. There’s more to school than the books; being a student means navigating the world of friendships, extracurricular activities, family and even dating. Balancing is a lot easier said than done, and this book has a lot of wisdom and awesome perspectives in this regard.

Good luck in getting the 2014 school year on track and – of course – enjoy the rest of the long summer holiday!

What are you looking forward to in 2014? Tell SO… in the comments section below.

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